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Personal Project _ Abandoned Factory

This is my personal project that I have been working on (and currently still working on ) for abouth 5 months now. This is where I try to showcase different workflows and techniques which I learned and combine them into one level.

This project was definitelly one of the more challenging at the start but rewarding at the end. Where I got more confident with some new workflows that I havent done that much before.

For the atmosphere I always wanted to try something a bit more moody, darker and cold so viewer get this abandoned feeling. The same feeling I also try to represent not only on the mood but also on the assets, structures and materials.

For the workflow I tried to create everything by myself from layout, composition, shaders, props ,buildings,lighting,vegetation to materials. I mostly just used Maya for modeling,creating vegetation (I also used Blender for some props). For making rocks, pebbles, foliage, making wear and tear and creating high poly meshes I used Zbrush. For texturing I used Substance Painter and Designer for creating most tiletable textures and vegetation. But as I am still learning Substance Designer, for the more complex textures like bricks and 2 other materials I used Quixel Mixer instead. For baking I used Xnormals for large props like rocks, Designer for baking vegetation and Painter for baking everything else. Special thanks to Danniel Hennefelk and Valerio Terreri for the feedback.

For the technical side I wanted to really dig deep and learn more about collision, terrain, lightmaps, lighting. Aswell creating shaders for terrains and vertex paint. I also looked into same basic blueprint for my cable layouts around the walls of the buildings aswell how to create flickering lights.

Some reflections from this project on what I want to improve, learn and take into consideration for the upcoming next project are mostly keep learning substance designer for more complex materials, composition for my focus shots and deeper dive into vegetation.